Choosing nature and architecture

Do wide views calm you down too? Logical, it turns out, as research shows that our stress levels plummet thanks to unobstructed panoramas, as they give us a sense of security and control. Spending time in nature also has a positive effect on our physical, mental and emotional health. So plenty of reasons to choose the great outdoors to unwind. And that is exactly what Wol U stands for: the combination of unobstructed views, green surroundings and countless urban facilities at hand.

A carefully considered master plan

Wol U’s master plan, which fixes the location of the buildings and space for nature, is the work of renowned urban planning agency BUUR. Their motto? By creating a healthy living environment, you can create a resilient society. When drawing up the master plan, the focus was on expanding and connecting open space. Literally connecting people with nature: that is the guiding principle of Wol U.

The positive impact of green-blue spaces, in which water and nature are present, on our health is increasingly supported by scientific research.

Thanks to some clever adjustments, we managed to emphasise the natural landscape of the site and leave enough space for air, views and lights.

An exceptional landscape design

Landscape architect Erik Dhont, an absolute authority in the world of landscape gardening, both nationally and internationally, was asked to develop the layout of the site. Erik is known for his work on the Picasso Museum gardens in Paris and creates gardens that inspire their visitors. His designs are based on the motto that gardens aren’t just for enjoyment but are also places where people can grow and heal. In Wol U, he therefore designed nature in such a way that it forms the connecting element throughout the project. By matching the colour palette of the buildings and vegetation, nature and architecture blend harmoniously.

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Pioneering architecture

The stylish, architectural design of Wol U is the result of a successful collaboration between three leading architectural firms: BOB361, POLO and A1AR. All three have more than earned their stripes by creating timeless and intriguing structures where delicacy and an eye for detail play an important role. Central to their design are integrating the buildings into the landscape and encouraging people to come together in the shared private gardens.

The connection between the buildings combined with the prime location of the project at the banks of the Woluwe-river make Wol U a unique living environment.

Wol U living in a nutshell

  • • 7 buildings, surrounding two beautiful private gardens
  • Small scale is key: with only six floors, we build on a human scale
  • Smart access control to the private gardens prioritise your privacy and the safety of your children
  • A car-free site fostering soft mobility thanks to the underground parking lot
  • 55% more greenery compared to the former office site
  • Instant upgrade of the residential experience by integrating the banks of the Woluwe River

Numerous facilities at your doorstep

Wol U includes more than just residential units and nature. Besides the residential building and the lush, green landscape, a variety of functions will also be created: co-housing units, a nursery, retail space, catering and service areas. . In short: a living environment with lots of facilities on the site itself.

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