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Apartments in the green surroundings of Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

Focus on added value

Real estate in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe is high in demand: this is proven by real estate prices that rose by no less than 27% between 2018 and 2023 (source: Real Estate Barometer notaries). The fact that the entire site is undergoing a thorough transformation, and that also the street where the project zone is located is being redone in several places result in visibility of added value. Moreover, the temporary launch prices make it extra attractive not to delay your investment any longer.

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10 reasons to invest in Wol U

  • Mix of living, working, shopping and leisure, combined in one site
  • Favorable location for capital gains
  • High rental potential thanks to the proximity of multinationals and expats
  • Tax favorable treatment with respect to Brussels (quickly save more than €1,000 per year)
  • High energy efficiency and sustainability guarantee low consumption costs
  • Small-scale buildings
  • You buy more than just bricks: your tenants enjoy 20,000 m² of green space on the site
  • Peace of mind thanks to ten-year contractor liability
  • High quality building materials
  • Optimal location thanks to the proximity of the E40 motorway, public transport, hospital, shopping center and Brussels facilities

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